Why Marconi-X


The great escape from routine and the big city

We take our guests on the highest mountain ridges of the Carpathian Mountains, where nature is master and the only sound you can hear is that of the wind, as it blows through the trees. The natural setting we are taking you to is ideal for landscaping, adventure, relaxation, and sporting activities.

Here you will have the opportunity to admire crystal-clear mountain rivers, pristine forests and wild animals, traditional sheepfolds, camp in dream sites, all while escaping to the jungle of the Carpathian Mountains. The landscape is not one that can be described in words, as its spectacular wilderness is something that can only be perceived through all your senses at once, so come feel the wild freedom!


Enjoy eating out?

We hope you do, because we have snacks and meals on stops, at sheepfolds or at traditional restaurants with nothing but nature surrounding you.

Refresh yourself with some fresh water from the springs and rivers flowing high in the mountains. It will be the best meal out you had!



Our products and services

We can organize from 3-hour excursions during the weekdays to 5-day tours with accommodation, food and interactive or adjacent activities for groups of up to 12 people, and the highest road in Romania is one of the many routes we can take you to.


Traveling with Side by Side UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle) will definitely be a memorable experience, given the feeling of freedom and adventure they offer. Riding such a car will give you the sense of performance, comfort and safety at the same time.

Our vehicles are state-of-the-art, very efficient and turn any journey into a style-ride. Maintenance, revisions and technical checks are done by specialized personnel, with “safety first” being one of the words we live by.