We offer a totally unconventional wild adventure experience, supercars build for off-road complete performance, safety and comfort, routes that combine different types of terrain.


Adress: 113-115 Traian Street, Campulung Muscel town, Arges county, Romania, Postal Code: 115100

Telephone: +40 757 576 721

E-mail: office@marconi-xtours.com

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Come with your vehicle

We organize special tours for exclusive guests

With your own vehicles (off-road cars, utv, atv, enduro-moto tours).

What we can do for your pack:

  • Experienced off-road driver that will be your guide on incredible tracks, providing touristic assistance (leader of the group with his own vehicle);
  • Off-road car recovery with trustfull mechanic, providing technical assistance (with platform for vehicles recovery in case of emergency);
  • Luggage transportation (clean and safe);
  • First aid doctor with specialized medical kit (he is going with the guide);
  • Reparing garage for minor and medium damages.
  • Up to 7 days tours exploring the Charpatian Mountains

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