We offer a totally unconventional wild adventure experience, supercars build for off-road complete performance, safety and comfort, routes that combine different types of terrain.


Adress: 113-115 Traian Street, Campulung Muscel town, Arges county, Romania, Postal Code: 115100

Telephone: +40 757 576 721

E-mail: office@marconi-xtours.com

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Slippery-snow Experience

River Valleys

Campulung Muscel is on the border of the biggest wild, authentic region of Romania, situated in the center of the country.

The routes with various landscapes, are well balanced between technical and leisure driving style. Crossing valleys that are blessed with mountain cold rivers can be spectacular in any season, because of the colors and variety of nature that always offers something new. On this tracks we can drive a little bit faster.

Four months a year we are facing snow on our mountains. Winter tours are fun and different. Slippery roads and the cold will give you a whole new experience. The heartbreaking landscapes make everything look like a real winter game full of snow.

The guide will adapt the route you take so that it suits your off-road driving skills. Breathtaking landscapes with virgin forests and glacier lakes are part of the experience. Save one day for the whole tour and you will have the ultimate experience.


Your driving ability can make the guide switch to a more technical/extreme terrain. Technical routes require more concentration even at low speeds. We are lucky to find during the tour, authentic restaurants with very appreciated food, situated in the middle of the nature, near a mountain river. They also have traditional trout farms and domestic animals which can be visited for free. We also guarantee that all routes are taking you through multiple types of terrain, it’s just the altitude that changes the panoramic view – the higher, the better.

Good to Know

Departure point
Campulung Muscel town, Arges county, Romania
Language Spoken
English, Romanian
Currency used
Euro, Leu
Route length from Bucharest
146 km

Briefing and Training

We will hold a briefing with the program, the routes that we will drive through, and a training regarding the proper way to drive the RZR in different off-road conditions. The speed and distance between cars will be set depending on the weather and road conditions.  We can ride slower or faster, but always safe.

We recommend changing urban clothes with outdoor clothes (Gore-Tex or waterproof recommended) adapted to the weather conditions. See backpack recommendations.

Your backpacks for the road will be placed in a hermetically sealed box, mounted in the RZR to avoid dust, dirt and water.

We always have tools and spare parts in case of minor damages (tires, transmission belt etc.)

The guide will lead the group along the route, ensuring that the tour is safe, providing touristic assistance and technical assistance in case of need.